Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Off to a Great Start - Blogger.com

Oh great, now I'm blogging.

I've created this blog here on the Web 2.0 in order to vent the frustration that your software has caused me. It's a last ditch effort, really. I've tried medication, meditation, therapy, various plants, self-help books, and a half dozen religions but nothing has helped. I hate your software. It makes me feed bad.

Another thing I hate are blogs. I reject all information from blogs and about blogs and especially information from blogs about blogs. I also can't stand blogging, and I'm only on my third paragraph. This had better work.

I got started with blogging back on the morning of July 17th, 2007 after recovering from a minor blackout caused by the installation of your software; something you'll be reading about in an upcoming entry. I put the word "blog" into Google and the second link that appeared brought me here to blogger.com where I was up and running in only a few moments using my Gmail account (or "Google account" or whatever the hell they call it now).

The reason that it took a few moments to get started instead of just a couple moments or a single moment, is that I received a sign from blogging Gods upon the creation of this blog:

Some people might regard this omen as warning, but to me it's rage-inducing evidence that this will one day become the most important blog to have ever existed on the topic of your software and the grief that it has caused me.

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