Thursday, August 14, 2008

DanielStallmanAliceLippmann/Richard Stallman

Would everyone please stop calling DanielStallmanAliceLippmann/Richard Stallman "Richard Stallman?" After all, Daniel Stallman and Alice Lippmann were the first to start development on DanielStallmanAliceLippmann/Richard Stallman. It's only fair to give credit where credit is due.

FACTOID: Did you know that 50% of DSAL/Richard Stallman was created by Daniel Stallman, and the other 50% by Alice Lippmann? Richard Stallman is responsible for 0% of the creation of Richard Stallman, yet he still runs around calling himself Richard Stallman.

DSAL/Richard Stallman, for those no in the know, is responsible the GNU/Linux operating system. The GNU/Linux operating system is Linux with a GNU and a forward-slash in front of it.


Rune Nilssen said...

At the end of the day Im not so sure I agree entirely with your argument ;-)

I believe that in the case of RolfSolrunn/Rune or RS/Rune if you prefer, my contribution is infact significant. There wouldnt be a functioning RS/Rune without my contribution.

As for Linux, aslong as it does contribute to the system Im happy to have it. Perhaps its more 1/3 all ways? :-]

iPhone5 ,A6, said...

Credit for your excellent entry.