Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eclipse Ganymede WTP Can Bite Me

I am an idiot.

The J2EE module dependencies of my project were reset when I did the renaming business. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure this out, but I wasn't exactly helped much by Eclipse's awesome "Preferences" pages.

Approximately seven hours down the tubes tonight fighting with Eclipse WTP (Web Tools Platform). Everything was working fine earlier, but then I used Eclipse's own refactoring tools to rename a few projects and the whole thing went belly up. For some reason it's no longer publishing my projects properly to tomcat and I'm getting persistent ClassNotFound exceptions for classes that are not in the project that I'm actually publishing.

Build environment seems ok, all of my unit tests run fine, including tests of the Dynamic Web Project in question which references classes another Utility project, which are ultimately not found... everything works except for the publishing & running part. I can successfully create a new test client via Web Services and the client JSP pages load and fire, but when I hit the Invoke button: blammo, ClassNotFoundException: not found.

I went so far as to completely wipe Eclipse and reinstall. I then re-created my workspace and projects and imported the source. I even ditched Tomcat and let Eclipse install a new one for me. Nothing. It's all hosed and I'm mad as hell.

Welp, I get to look like an ass in the morning because my working code isn't demonstratable. Sure wish I knew what happened, but don't really care. I'm giving JDeveloper a download. Sorry Eclipse, I appreciate the vision and hard work, but most of the stuff I've tried outside of the core featureset has been way too fragile.

Eclipse... *snif* ... what really chaps my ass is that this crap was working this afternoon and I was just starting to dig in and refine the interface for this project. If only I hadn't decided to friggin RENAME some projects... By now I would likely be finished.... but here I am, without a clue how to proceed without launching in to a completely different environment.

If anybody knows of a secret "clean up everything related to Eclipse and every damn piece of configuration it's ever puked up and start over from scratch" button, I'm all ears. I'm pretty sure I covered everything when I started over, but I must've missed something.


Bruce said...

Sorry this is about 10 months after the fact, but I've had pretty much the same experience with WTP. Deploying and running WARs in the IDE has never worked reliably in my experience. The good news is that using maven, it's possible to setup a push button build, test, deploy operation. Remote debugging works fine in eclipse with a few start up properties in the servlet container script, so there is nothing lost.

These days, I use a lean Eclipse using the Java distro (not classic) which has the XML editor. My plugins are AJDT, SpringIDE, subclipse and m2eclispe. For anything else, whether it's database, HTML, or other scripting, I do outside of eclipse. Even if the functionality is stable within eclipse, trying to manage all the perspectives and views becomes a big mess.

About once a year I'll download netbeans, and have noticed the product has improved immensely, but it's too Sun Standards Centric (EJBs) for my taste and makes eclipse seem like a starving super-model in terms of resource consumption.

ThePhobos said...

I got the same / similar problems with WTP. It just ignores my additional web-resources.

BTW if you arent afraid of spending some money ... Intellij Idea works wonders in comparison ;)

I have to get Eclipse running for a project here though and Im starting to get desperate...

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