Monday, February 11, 2008

Automatix2 Infinite Poop

Ah, how very clever of you! I discovered this little flaw a few moments ago when running your Automatix 2 program. (here's an idea: how about user-defined filters / sets in Synaptic? Too simple?)

When installing some fascist DVD codecs, Automatix prompted me to insert my Ubuntu CD. Ok, CD inserted...pressing enter...ah yes....ahh...crap.

Something somewhere doesn't like my CD :( No worries, I'll just eject the CD and pop it back in. Or not, the CD tray is locked.

Not a problem, of course, I'll just hit that big ol' Cancel button in the Automatix wizard thingy:

Ahahahahhahah cripes. I can't cancel the install until I insert the CD. I can't get at the CD without canceling the install. Not a terribly new or clever way of hurting me, but painful nonetheless. You win this time.

*** Update

Not only can I not exit this application via normal means, I can't kill it via the GUI! Oh how very Windows 95 of you! Out comes that damned shell again. Double points for you.

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